How to return LPG Gas meter

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With the fall of the temperature,
the temperature of the bath hot water supply,
when you raise it several degrees, etc,
the meter will stop sometime.

It may detect abnormalities and shut off the gas.
When the meter is shut off, of course the gas can not be used.

We will introduce the returning method of the gas meter.


①What is Gas meter?

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Mainly next to the water heater, or near the cylinder.

■Meter`s Tasks

· Management of gas usage
· Management of gas leakage.

Gas meter is really important , Becauce of managing Safety.

②Cause and remedy for gas stop

■Main reason

· Large amount of gas outflow due to rubber tube detachment
· Long time use due to forgetting to turn off the bath / stove
·Gas leak
· There was an earthquake
· Increase in usage (at lower temperature)
· Increase of hot water supply temperature


· Return of the meter
→ Press the black button on the gas meter and reset.
You will be able to use it once the blinking has disappeared.

③Illustration of meter return method

■How to return

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①We will stop using all gas appliances.
(Ideally close all gas taps)

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②Will go to the meter
(It is often close to the cylinder or near the water heater)

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③Push the black button of the meter until “Gacha” sounds

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④Since the lamp of the microcomputer blinks in red,
wait one minute to three minutes until it stops.

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④Once the flashing of the meter goes out, you will be able to use LP.

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③Other factors the gas has stopped

Most of the cases I introduced earlier.
However, if you can not resume using gas
with the above return method,other factors are conceivable.

If you can not recover by the method mentioned above,
please contact us immediately.


Thank you


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