When Water heater is broken

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When the water heater gets malfunction,
We will introduce cause and simple countermeasure.


①What caused the water heater to stop?

■ There is no water

Not only can not make hot water with water heater
Even if you twist a tap of a tap, hot water may not be available.
There are four causes for this case.

① Frozen
② Termination of water
③ The stopcock is closed
④ Leakage


When the inside of the pipe of the water heater (water absorption valve)freezes ,
you can not make hot water.
If freezing is expected, you have one choice.
that is heating piping of water absorption piping.

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※③Leftside is water absorption piping.


Please do not warm it with fire etc.
Please pay attention to safety aspects such as winding warm towels etc.

■In case of Gas

Although Gas could be used until a few minutes ago,
there is a possibility of stopping by Gas meter.
In this case press the return button of the meter
It is necessary to return the meter.

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The lifespan of the water heater  is
7 to 10 years in the manufacturer’s announcement.
Depending on the frequency of use,
the service life of the water heater changes greatly.
When there is a symptom such as
“When using a water heater, an abnormal noise occurs”
Please contact us.
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■ Other

Finally, it is common cause such as when you go home on a long trip.
If you are dropping a breaker when you leave home on a trip,
the Water heater does not move unless lifting the circuit breaker.
Please try if applicable. Please contact us.
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② Corrective action

■ Water frozen / frozen

In case of Water outage, please check
if an error indication is displayed on the water heater.
It is because errors are often displayed on the remote control.
But the number displayed by the manufacturer is different,
Please search by site search of Sugiyama limited company.
We are making a quick-looking table on what the numbers mean.
In case of freezing please warm up the water piping.
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■ When aged deterioration is expected

Please contact us.
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③Water heater repair prohibition matter


· Unusual smell and gas smell when operating the water heater
· In case of abnormal noise

In the above case, there is some trouble with the water heater.

Installation of gas water heater etc. are required by national qualified holders.
please contact us.

Other problems related to LP related
Sugiyama Gas Division, limited liability company
Please contact us at 0574-26-2251
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