When Gas oven is broken

From Sugiyama limited company, Gas stoves.
We will introduce the cause and the remedy when you do not ignite.
The most frequent inquiries do not fly sparks either.


Please change the battery first.

 ①It stopped igniting

■When you release “ignition button , the fire disappears

<Possible causes>
· The burner part is wet with water
· Burner cap mounting problem

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Safety equipment,there is a possibility of working.

Since the extinguishing safety device can not sense the combustion state
Safety device works when you release your finger,
it is thought that the gas will be shut off and the fire will go out.


☆ Remedy

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Cleaning around the burner.

Confirm that the burner is not dirty or not.
when it is dirty

・Light dirt = “Wipe with a soft cloth”
・Severe dirt = “Drop with a soft old-fashioned toothbrush”

If the situation does not improve as above
Please check the installation of the burner


■ No fire at all

<Possible causes>
· There is no gas
· Ignition heat source has not come out


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Gas is not supplied to the burner or there is a possibility
that ignition heat source has not come out.

☆ Remedy

Around the burner, cleaning the gas outlet,If the burner is dirty

・Light dirt = “Wipe with a soft cloth”
・Severe dirt = “Drop with a soft old-fashioned toothbrush.”

If the equipment can not be recovered as above,
Gas does not come to burner.

Please try to secure a through hole for the Gas.


■Spark does not fly

<Possible causes>

· Battery is running low
· Reverse installation of battery
· Part wear



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Even if the Gas is normally out,
if there is no heat source, the fire will not turn on.
Inquiries about burning stove,
most of one case is  a battery defect,actually.
You may as well doubt this first.

☆ Remedy

· Battery replacement
· Checking the battery insertion direction

Even in the above case, the spark (ignition source)
When not flying, aged deterioration of parts.
It is considered to be the cause.

In this case, either the manufacturer or your gas company
Please contact us.


②Gas stove life span

Depend on situation, frequency of cleaning, due to strike
Lifespan will be widely , the average is considered to be about 10 years.

However, if you use it politely
It is not uncommon to have 12 to 15 years.


The secret to prolong the life of things,

that is periodic “care”.



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